Golden Set (Buy 1 Take 1 Promo 5/8/2014 until 5/15/2014)


Set Combo:

Golden Helm (+100 All Stats, 10% Atk Rate and Matk Rate against Demi Humans, Level 10 Full Chemical Protection)

Golen Aura (+35 All Stats, Lvl 4 Attention Concentrate)

Golden Wing (+75 All Stats, Regain 10% of Damage Dealt as HP, 15% Atk Rate and Matk Rate on Demi-Humans, Level 7 Warm Wind)


Set Combo: Anti-Knockback, Level 10 Endure

Golden Armor (+100 All Stats, Max Health, 10% Atk Rate and Matk Rate on demi-humans)

Golden Pauldron (+100 All Stats, 12% Long Range Resist, Adapts Siege Quest Upgrade Garment Effect depending on your class)

Golden Greaves (+100 All Stats, 100% Movement Speed, Adapts Siege Quest Upgrade Shoes Effect depending on your class)


Set Combo: If equipped with Golden Armor (Level 4 Auto Guard, 10% Resist to Fire, Water, Shadow, Undead)

Golden Bucker (Dream Shield Effect)


Golden Accessories Set Combo: (Autocast Pneuma, Level 1 Sight)

Golden Bracelet (Bakonawa Tattoo Effect)

Golden Ring (Dragon Ball Ring Effect)

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